Borders of Nothingness - On the Mend

Especially for the exhibition at IBASHO Antwerp I’ve created a Japanese style handbound book 'Borders of Nothingness - On the Mend' printed on 120 um/ 45 gs Washi paper. A small paper collage, mended with 23 Kt. goldleaf, is mounted in the signed book. The book comes in an edition of 50 copies and will be released during the vernissage.
Very happy and honored that Victoria & Albert Museum London has acquired this book for their special collections.

Special Edition:
Borders of Nothingness - On the Mend                    
Handmade book on Ise Washi 45 gs / 120 um paper. Handmade  / 23 spreads - 30 images & 1 collage 14x15 cm Signed & numbered 50 copies /  also available at IBASHO Antwerp
Size: 15 cm x 20 cm Year: 2019

€ 125,= incl. Kizuki Washi paper collage & 23 Kt. Goldleaf

 A new book will be launched on the 5th of February 2020 at Haute Photography Rotterdam.
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