Humanity has become unbound from the very elements that

made our being possible. We lost it in our journey to ever

more, ever faster, ever bigger. Reconnecting requires to

become unbound from the frames of our doing as they hinder

us from life lived in oneness with Nature.

Therefore Polaroids as framed images have become unbound

from their recognisable white to illustrate the need for new

frames of thinking. Words have been arranged to reflect on

our bond with Nature and design re-iterates the various roads

we need to travel to recreate our bond.

May our travels to bound with Nature be safe and swift.

Book size: 15 x 38 cm, 64 pages in total
Inside are 3 books in various papers and sizes + a print handbound to the back cover
Handmade paper, natural white and grey papers, metallic paper
Digital offset, gold and black riso printing
Silkscreened cover on handmade paper

The book is handcrafted by dienacht Publishing team
Edition of 350 copies, including  Collector’s Edition of 30 copies