Visual investigation of the relationship between humans and  their (physical) environment is the main focus of my work. Who we are is often determined by our social environment and (family) history. How we build our self-esteem, often determines how we look to the outside world and how we react to the other. For me, I often feel a spectator of a play; looking from the outside in to what happens, how and why the other and I interact like we do. In my work, I’m exploring these relationships,  trying to bridge the personal and universal. The way I photograph is purely intuitive; my images present an open and honest reflection of my own inner emotions at a certain time, space and interaction. Shot as self-portraits in the broadest sense of the word, my images always convey a distinct yet recognisable emotional setting.
This intuitive way of photography also favours a different way of experiencing my work; not as a reflection of a reality but more as an open, artistic interaction between the personal and the universal. Providing an invitation to embark on a journey through your own intricate web of memories, emotions, expectations, fears and desires. All with the intention to ultimately give meaning to your life from your own source; your true self.

Therefore I use different camera’s, mostly analogue, to capture the different atmospheres of my inner emotions. My images might suggest loneliness and solitude yet  the viewer often experiences a reassuringly comfortable and strangely inspiring expression. By giving the images the freedom to act as an overflow from reality to dream, they provide a strong impulse for the viewers to go on their personal journey. In this way I try to connect a public perception with an intimate personal viewpoint.